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Want to 10x Your Life? Read the 10x Rule. | Book Review

The 10x Rule Book Review from a Business Owner

Where are you at in life? Are you happy with that?

This is NOT another get-rich-quick book. Especially if “rich” is only a money thing for you. This book is all about SUCCESS in every sphere of your life. The 10x Rule will teach you to achieve the success you desire and deserve in life.

The Book in 3 Sentences

Grant Cardone focuses on 2 main components; setting massive goals and taking massive action (10x to be specific). The biggest and most common mistake people make is not setting goals high enough. By amplifying your goals 10x, you’ll be challenged but that’s where growth and success happens.

What You Will Learn from The 10x Rule

These are the main things Grant Cardone discusses in the book. Some of these points are quotes and others are my personal learnings. Here are the 3 main things you will learn:

1. Success is no different from any other skill. It can be trained and mastered.

  • Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility

  • Don’t view success as an option

  • There is no shortage of success

2. Do what others are not willing to do to create an unfair advantage. The truth is that most people are not willing to amplify their efforts by 10 times. This means that you take immediate, consistent and persistent action at a level that no other person is willing to take or duplicate. This allows you to rise to the top.

3. The 4 Common Mistakes:

  1. Setting your sights too low

  2. Understanding how much action is required

  3. Spending too much time competing and not dominating their sector

  4. Underestimating the amount of adversity you will have to overcome

Top Quotes in the 10x Rule Book

“You want people to see you so often that they think of you constantly and instantaneously identify your face or name or logo with not just the offering you represent.”

“People are settling for their reality rather than working to their full potential.”

“Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.”

The Key Takeaways

Do you want to live a life full of extraordinary success? When you read this book, be prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable. Grant Cardone makes you question your goals and the way you tackle them. He is unforgiving of any excuses and has an aggressive approach to winning. It highlighted how many excuses I make and what was blocking me from achieving my goals. This may be too extreme so take what you will!

The 10X Rule tells the TRUTH about what it takes to achieve extraordinary success. Be prepared to feel a bit disturbed and uncomfortable because that may just be a good thing.

Challenge accepted?

Who Should Read The 10x Rule?

Maybe you own a small business and need more customers? Who doesn’t need more customers, right?! This book will help kick your mindset into gear to make those cold calls, sales or even business visits!

Are you trying to get a promotion, work in sales or an entrepreneur? Do you suffer from complacency, being too comfortable or prone to procrastination? This book will give you the boost you need to chase even your wildest dreams.

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