• Ashley Elliott

The One Question Every Entrepreneur Battles With Everyday

You go to sleep thinking about it. You wake up, make your coffee and try to put it in the back of your mind. But you know... it’s there.

The one question that even hurts you to think about. It constantly fights you on your plans and goals.


Some days, you’re prepared to fight that question. Other days, you aren’t.

On those off days - the one question turns into a wrath of subquestions:

What if they don’t email back?

What if it doesn’t work?

What if nobody buys it?

What if I fail miserably in front of everyone?

But being an entrepreneur means you don’t know if what you’re doing will work. That’s just the reality of the risk you have to take. The risk you signed up for.

Risk #1: Your money, your reputation and your relationships.

Risk #2: Your sanity - you believe in something that you have to convince others to believe in.

Risk #3: Your time with family, friends and your livelihood for an idea.

You can almost bet you’re going to have bad days. People may mock you or not believe in you. But you pursue it anyway.

You signed up for the chance of success because you don’t want to be like everyone else. You were made to stand out - even if that looks a bit different. You won’t back down because you believe so passionately about your innovative idea.

Being an entrepreneur is not a career choice, it’s a mindset.

It’s a mindset that gives you the resilience to stand up again after failing in front of the world.

It’s actually not about being successful. It’s about being adaptable, innovative and courageous.

So how do you answer that question you go to battle with everyday?

You keep moving forward.

If you fail, you fail.

You pursue the idea anyway…

You believe in it anyway…

You work on it anyway...

You try to sell it anyway…

Push that fear and anxiety out of your mind. You just keep standing.

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