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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Instagram Stories Right Now

Updated: Apr 30

Do you remember when Instagram Stories launched and everyone thought it was a copycat version of Snapchat? Well, not anymore.

Instagram is the birthplace of beautiful images. It’s a platform to share memorable moments with friends but with Instagram Stories you can share your highlights and everything in between. Imagine, you never have to think about over-posting again!

Why bother using Instagram Stories?

In only 5 months, Instagram Stories has reached 150 million daily active users. It took Snapchat nearly 6 years to achieve the same number.

Surprisingly, 70% of Instagrammers follow a business account. This means one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why you should harness the power of Instagram Stories.

1. @ - Mentions

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories allows you to mention friends in your Story.

When someone is watching your story, they simply click the @-mention and a pop-up will appear directing you to the mentioned users profile. This makes it easier to connect with the Instagram community. As a business, this will lead to great collaborations and partnerships because you can promote and feature each other’s businesses.

2. Valuable insights

Once again, Instagram Stories is a winner for providing business profiles with insights. You have access to view the amount of reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual story.

By analyzing these insights, you can determine what resonates best with your audience. As a result, you will learn to produce content that is relevant and naturally increases engagement.

3. “See More” links Do you wish you could direct followers to your website or blog? With Instagram Stories, you can add a “See More” link at the bottom. By swiping up or tapping the “See More” link, it opens up the in-app browser so it’s easy for your followers to learn more. However, only Instagram accounts with 10,000+ followers can access this feature...for now!

4. Full-screen ads

Instagram is placing full-screen advertisements on Instagram Stories. The video ads will run for 15 seconds and sponsored photos for 5 seconds. You will have the reach, targeting and measurement capabilities to analyse the results of your ad.

You will have the ability to create ads that are personally relevant to your target market.

5. Live video streaming

Just like Facebook Live, Instagram Live allows users to interact directly with the community. Once you’re live, people can like and comment as you’re streaming. You can go live for up to an hour and your story will disappear afterwards. You can now add the Live stream to IGTV if you want.

As a business, going live on Instagram helps you connect with your followers on a deeper level. Take advantage of this feature to arrange Q&A sessions or even a live tour of your office.

Before you start sharing stories, remember:

1. To tell a story

Plan ahead and create a roadmap for your content. A different day means a different story to tell - make it cohesive and intriguing.

2. A little personality goes a long way

Show your followers the personal, human side to your business. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Stories - share your Monday inspirations with photos of cute animals or your workspace.

3. Add value through exclusive content

Your followers are spending their time viewing your profile, photos and stories. Give them value by sharing exclusive content like product launches, giveaways or discounts.

Instagram Stories is the Future

Instagram Stories are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with its followers. Take advantage of the opportunity to build your community and you’ll naturally see an increase in your visibility to your target audience.

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