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Since 2015, we have been helping brands tell their stories. We design digital marketing strategies that help our clients build relationships with new customers online and then naturally progress those new relationships into real-world business transactions.

Digital marketing is focused on that ROI, but to get that ROI you first need to build trust. If someone you don’t know walked up and asked to marry you, you’re not likely to say yes! Just like this, potential customers won’t likely buy from you if you put an advertisement in front of them about your flagship product or service. You need to take them on a date first then you can begin to build a prosperous relationship!

Our digital marketing strategies are successful because they are designed to follow a natural relationship process. It’s through this process that your business will achieve consistent long-term growth. No quick fixes or shortcuts here, we believe in the power of the long-haul. 

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We’re location independent and proud of it! This means that all of our staff are not tied down to one particular location when working on our projects. We work and travel simultaneously. 

It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made…

Our choice was this: stay in an office day in and day out or go location independent and work from anywhere in the world. You’d be surprised at all the benefits it gives our staff and clients in return. 

Giving our staff the flexibility to work from wherever they want has resulted in better productivity and better results for our clients. Don’t be surprised if we sound chipper on the phone with you! 

Location independence creates a culture of flexibility, creativity, innovation, teamwork and passion. Really, it’s a perfect match for our values.  

If you want a team that actually loves their job and are genuinely interested in growing your business, why not get in touch for a FREE consultation?

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Hello, we’re the founders

Strap in. Here’s our story.

It was late one night at university. We had just started our last year and felt like we both wanted more. There was no urge for us to jump into the corporate life all our classmates were talking about. No, not at all. There was this passion to start something completely new and unknown. With an intense desire to start our own business, we did so in the halls of our university. And there, Rise was born.

We are not your typical ‘agency’ co-founders. And that’s a good thing. We started this business with nothing but a will to succeed - not just for ourselves but for the clients we serve. Our goal was to disrupt the whole meaning of a “digital marketing agency”. That’s why we’re both under 25 years old, we’re both self-taught (but we’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing if you’re into that kind of things) and we are travel-obsessed. Hence, we’ve gone location independent. We believe that having a more balanced life has led us to better, more happier results for our clients.

You might say it’s a bit different and we would take that as a compliment.

When we’re not working hard for our clients, you can catch us: Watching the sunset by the beach, sipping coconuts (let’s be honest - sipping coffee). Finding the best brunch places (smashed avo, for sure). Listening to podcasts (we’re a sucker for them).


Matthew Metcalfe

Matthew is that entrepreneur that never gives up. He’s started 5 online businesses by the age of 22. Matthew has this knack for data and analytics - he’s the numbers guy of digital marketing. Combine his resilient entrepreneur spirit with his analytical aptitude? You’re bound to see results.

Matthew in a snapshot:

  • Coffee runs through his veins! He needs coffee first thing in the morning, otherwise, he can’t function without it.

  • Games are his weakness - mainly strategies games, of course.

  • Travel is part of his lifestyle. Israel, Hawaii, Indonesia, Dubai, Singapore and more…

Ashley Elliott

Ashley has the eye for design and creativity that every business needs. She’s let her creativity take the lead in creating beautiful websites, graphic design work and copywriting that moves people. Ashley takes the road less traveled when writing and designing to produce clever, authentic and powerful work.

Ashley in a snapshot:


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We love the work we do and we are passionate about continuous growth. Digital marketing is an industry that is changing every minute. We’re passionate about growing in our knowledge of this industry.

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Setbacks? They happen. Mistakes? They happen. Failures? Inevitable! We are relentless in our pursuit of success and we know that failures are a part of success. We don’t let it knock us down, we just get back up again and again and again.

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To be creative is to be fearless and brave. Our heart is to stay true to ourselves and let our creativity run free. That how we were made to be. Why stick to the norm when you can be creative and different anyway?

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Yeah, we will be real with you. We perform at our best when we are genuinely ourselves. And that’s what we will be with you. Honest, transparent and #real.

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Innovation is just a way of business. Innovation is part of our DNA. We believe digital marketing is the “Marketing of the Future” and we’re ready for it. Our strategies, campaigns and execution are done in an exciting and innovative way.

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You can count on us, we will be here for you. If you want to chat about your visions (short-term or long-term), we’d be happy to talk. Have a problem? Call us. Want to encourage us? Call us.


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You’re in Skilled hands

Our team is skilled in advertising through Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. We have trained copywriters who have that special knack for writing your SEO content, Social Media content or anything that has to do with words! A big part of our agency relies on strategy, so we’ve focused on Lead Generation strategies, email marketing and consulting.

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- Facebook Ads

- Google Ads

- LinkedIn Ads

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- Copywriting

- SEO Optimised Content Writing

- Social Media Writing

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- Lead Generation

- Email Marketing

- Consulting

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